Midleton Farmers Market


Enjoyed my walk around the Midleton Farmers Market this Saturday morning. It was perhaps the market that led to many others being set up and is certainly one of the best, quality at every turn.

Bought some Chorizo and Hegarty’s Mature Cheddar from the stall run by the busy Fiona Burke (who does three markets a week). Then on to the Ballymaloe Cookery School stall where the Lemon cakes caught the eye and a few were added to the bag.

Passed Frank Hederman’s smoked fish stall – we had enjoyed some of his smoked mackerel pate in Fenn’s Quay the previous evening – to buy a piece of chicken brandy pate from Barry Tyner’s stand-in (Barry had gone off on a deserved holiday).

Then we spotted the star of the morning, a big Neapolitan Mastiff. Everyone just stopped as he strolled along but his sad story was told on a placard on his back: he had been rescued. At least, the story has a happy ending but we were all reminded that these rescue homes need a bit of our help.

O’Driscoll’s Fish from Schull have a stand here as well and, as in the other locations, it was busy. Bought some fresh looking hake and cod. Bread was next on the agenda and we headed for the Arbutus stall where we were offered two types of rye, one a sourdough, the other with caraway seeds. Took the first and headed for home.

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Hellie said…
I have to recommend a stall at the market, the same stall is also at Mahon on a Thursday and I can't praise them enough.

Green Saffron, the King of Indian curries as far as I'm concerned.

Arun, the master chef, mixes spices together to create the perfect dish. Be it Korma, Masala, Rogan Josh or a Bhuna. Each one is beyond FANTASTIC. Arun is hugely helpful, often has tastes ready for those days that you're just unsure what you want, always has a copy of the recipe on hand to help with the curry and offers no end of perfect serving suggestions. He has both my family in Cork converted as well as my partners family in Galway totally converted.