Island Gate in Cork

In the Island Gate for a confirmation lunch today. Been quite a while since I’ve been here, much longer since I first saw the place, then owned by Mr Harris and known as the Dew Drop In, on whose apron the Little Island and Caherlag Coursing Club used to gather before a hunt in the then sparsely populated Little Island across the road.

Got off to a good start today with a basket of freshly baked brown bread and, despite the few confirmation parties, the meal itself was well up to scratch.

Started with a Warm Chicken Salad: chicken marinated in soya and crispy bacon, sautéed & tossed on a bed of leaves. Starters were generally large.

Unusually, I went for the Beef Curry as the main course. It was a well made bowlful, a generous portion. Indeed, all the main courses near me, including sirloin steak and the roast chicken and ham, were large.

Four desserts on the list and I thoroughly enjoyed my Warm Apple and Cinnamon Pie, a well made piece with real chunky apple. A few nearby went for the Baileys Cheesecake and all were pleased with it.

Occasions such as these can sometimes prove too much for restaurants but the Island Gate had no problem in catering for it: the food was quite good and so too was the friendly service.

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