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Tuesday, February 22, 2011



The Pantry is a cafe, bakery and foodstore in Midleton. It is not the biggest of places but is clean and comfortable and has a well stocked foodie shop with everything from Jim Beam Teriyaki Marinade to Donegal Rapeseed Oil, from the French Lorina Cloudy Lemonade to Cahir’s Sparkling Apple Juice.

Thought I was in for some good basic food when I ordered my Ardsallagh Goats Cheese with Oven roasted vegetables and Pesto Bruschetta, set on Crisp Leaves and a balsamic Reduction. I got quite a surprise for my €8.95.

And that surprise started with the high class presentation, the food laid out neatly, almost in the form of a star. The food itself was top class. The leaves were crispy and the Bruschetta tasty with the pesto while the vegetables (mainly peppers and red onions) were perfectly done, a gorgeous match for well known local cheese.

Service was calm and friendly and considerate. Desserts, a Rhubarb Crumble and a Beard and Butter Pudding, were also very good and also well presented. Couldn't have asked for more. This was top class, five star stuff.

Our table was very close to the shelves full of mainly local artisan food and we helped ourselves to some (including the Karmine Apple Juice and some chutney from Janet’s Country Fayre) on the way out.

The cafe is open from 8.00am until 6.30pm and is situated at Distillery Walk, Midleton, 021 4633335, 

They know what they are doing here. When the plates come out, you see that they also love what they are doing. Well worth a visit if you’re in the area!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Midleton Food Festival 11.09.10
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Sun was out as we hit Midleton on Saturday for the annual Food Festival. First stop was at the Agri Aware Mobile Farm where young and old alike were enjoying seeing and touching the mainly young animals.

Picked up some relishes from Tastefully Yours and from Ballymaloe; then Hegarty’s Cheddar and Chicken Liver Pate (with smoked bacon and port) from On the Pigs Back, followed by a slice of pizza from Volcano Pizzas before enjoying a well timed and welcome cup of tea courtesy of the Radisson in Little Island.

An almond and currant cake was next into the bag, purchased at the Soul Bakery stand. Dee’s Wholefood mobile stand was a busy spot as was the local Stock Pot. Next purchase was at Sowan's followed by a couple of cup cakes from Crafty Confectionery and a soup tasting at Cully and Sully’s. Local firm BiteSize was also on the list and then a huge contrast between a Chocolate Fountain and the Ballycotton Sea-food stand (featuring a shark) before ending the walk at The Pantry (see below).

Couldn’t go home though without calling to the Farmers Market, also doing great business. It is celebrating ten years on the go and most retailers were allowing ten per cent off. Enjoyed meeting producer Deirdre Hilliard who makes so many good things in Cobh’s Just Food . I helped myself to one of her brilliant organic mueslis but forgot to get some of the excellent soups. Still, they are widely available.

Also called to Arun, the showman supreme of Green Saffron where we got our (prepared) main course for the evening, Chicken Korma. What a stall! Busy, busy. But he always has time for the customer.

Needed a loaf of bread for lunch so last stop was Arbutus Bread where we picked up a Rye loaf for €3.00, normally €3.30. A few slices of that, plus the newly purchased cheddar and relish, made for a quick and tasty lunch when, all bags full, we finally reached home.

Could Midleton, by any chance, make this a monthly affair? Particularly in summertime.

Met some friendly people at The Pantry Stall during the weekend’s Midleton Food Festival. The Pantry serves breakfast and lunch, open from 9.00 until 5.30pm. They are also proud of their foodstore where they stock all kinds of goodies from jams to homemade meals.
I spotted a particular apple juice on the stand but was looking for a larger size and a young lady obligingly ran across to the actual restaurant to check for me. As I say, they were friendly and I really appreciated that extra effort. As it turned out, they didn't have the size but I bought two of the smaller ones and left with a very good impression.
021 4633335