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Highlighting a Lake Garda Gem: Guerrieri Rizzardi Cuvée XV Bardolino Classico

Guerrieri Rizzardi Cuvée XV Bardolino Classico (DOC) 2022, 13.5% ABV.

€15.95 O’Briens Wine 

Highlighting a Lake Garda Gem: Guerrieri Rizzardi Cuvée XV Bardolino Classico 2022

Escape to the picturesque shores of Lake Garda, Italy, with the Guerrieri Rizzardi Cuvée XV Bardolino Classico 2022. This delightful red hails from a region known for its stunning scenery and, of course, its delicious wines. While its neighbour, Valpolicella, may steal the spotlight, Bardolino offers a lighter, equally captivating red waiting to be discovered.

Crafted primarily from Corvina and Rondinella grapes, the lifeblood of Bardolino wines, this DOC Classico boasts a decades-long heritage.  Guerrieri Rizzardi's meticulous approach shines through, with grapes reaching the crusher within ten minutes of picking, maximising freshness – a cornerstone of Bardolino Classico.

Bardolino. Image by Tommy from Pixabay

A Feast for the Senses:

Expect a beautiful light ruby colour that sets the stage for an enticing bouquet of mixed red berries. The first sip unveils a delightful fruitiness, a wine light-bodied and approachable. Delicate tannins and bright acidity create a perfect balance, lingering pleasantly on the finish. Highly Recommended

This versatile red pairs beautifully with an array of lighter fare. Think vegetarian dishes, chicken, turkey, or a delectable charcuterie board.  Imagine enjoying a glass alongside a stunning lakeside view – pure Italian bliss!

A Budget-Friendly Delight:

At €15.95 at O’Briens Wine, the Guerrieri Rizzardi Cuvée XV Bardolino Classico offers exceptional value. So, next time you're seeking a refreshing red that won't break the bank, consider venturing beyond the usual suspects and exploring the charm of Bardolino. After all, sometimes the hidden gems offer the most delightful surprises. If you’re shopping for it and come across a rosé from the same area known as Chiaretto, don’t be shy! One of each, please!


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