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Monday, November 1, 2010



The humble beetroot has come a long way in Ireland in recent years, now appearing in all the best places.

Take this weekend for example. On Friday, I was at the five star Hayfield Manor Hotel here in Cork. And here the red root took a starring role in one of the starters billed as “a salad with Roasted Beetroot and Carrot, Feta cheese, cucumber and caramelized walnuts” and very nice it was too.

Of course, the beetroot isn’t just in red. On Saturday, I was a guest at the exciting new Electric Bar and Restaurant in the South Mall. I saw that they had Home Smoked Duck, served with rainbow (red and yellow) beetroots and leaves. Couldn't resist it and it was gorgeous.

Hardly expected it to appear on my breakfast table this morning but there it was: Pomegranate with beetroot. It is one of a series of relatively new Pomegreat drinks from award winning Irish firm, Robert Roberts. And it is perhaps the favourite of the trio of samples that I tried over the past few days although I must say I also liked the one with Blueberry added.

The drinks are being marketed under the Pomegreat name and, aside from tasting well, could well have health benefits.

Friday, October 22, 2010


NASH 19 
Lunchtime class

Made the first of two visits downtown today around lunchtime - the second will be to the Opera House and one, maybe two, jazz venues later on.

No jazz this time but Nash 19 was buzzing. Service was fantastic, as usual, and I thoroughly enjoyed my Jack McCarthy  aged beef. Plaice was the other choice at the table and that too was top notch. Dessert was a light and easy but delightful Strawberry Cheesecake. Terrific food, terrific restaurant.

Also made an initial call to Electric and there is still a fair old buzz there as the final touches are being put to the restaurant upstairs and to the exterior. The bar though looks smashing; loads of comfy seating and no shortage of staff either.

Great to meet entrepreneurs Denis O’Mullane and Ernest Cantillon and also Aidan Cotter from Heineken, making sure that Guinness weren't having it all their own way this Jazz weekend. Also met the lads from the Roaring Forties, including saxophonist Ken Marshall , who had an exciting morning, including photoshoots at Electric and a fire alarm while in 96FM for the Prendeville show.