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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Scratch My Pork. A First in Ireland.

Scratch My Pork 
Story Of The First Pork Scratchings In Ireland

It’s been a year since I first met the Kiwi Chef Matthew Brownie who lives down in Skibbereen. He was telling me about his new business which is called the No Nonsense Food Company. The company, with the energetic Matthew at the helm, is the engine behind the innovative product range of Pork Scratchings called Scratch My Pork.

I met with him again recently to find out how the new and unique savoury snack for the Irish market was going, as it seems to be everywhere around Cork at the moment.

Matthew explains. “After 5 years of hard work we have got great coverage around Munster with the Dublin market just starting slowly but surely. Sales are increasing and we have a lot of new customers ringing about stocking Scratch My Pork around the country every week”.

“As a lot of people already know, it started back at CIT in 2011. It was Product Development that I fell in love with, along with the combination of studying the Gastronomy of Irish and English food, going back into the history of pork scratchings and bringing something natural to the Irish market and having the ability to bring it into today’s world by modernising it with the latest trends the consumer was looking for.”

“I owe a lot of the success of Scratch My Pork to the amount of research that I did at CIT which gave me the platform to move on. I carried on with more research, including a lot of consumer research which determined for me that there was a market for this type of product in Ireland”.

“Scratch My Pork is Gluten, Dairy and MSG Free with no E Numbers, with low carbohydrates and High in Protein, and is one of the first meat savoury snacks produced for the Irish market.”  

“With an experienced business partner and a team in place now we a driving Scratch My Pork forward every day with a new product range coming out soon. Apart from retail and  convenience stores, I’m delighted to announce that Scratch My Pork will be stocked at Shannon Airport very shortly.  With 1.9 million people passing through the airport each year, this  will give Scratch My Pork massive exposure.”

If you would like to get in touch with Matthew you can contact him on the below Links.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Scratch My Pork

Scratch My Pork

Two questions. What are pork scratchings? And who is Matthew Brownie?

Pork Scratchings have long been  associated with England. But similar products were made before England had even thought to use the pork skin as a snack. The Chicharrones originated in Mexico, from Spanish influence and are, Matthew tells me, the first signs of fried Pork Rind that we know as scratchings today. They come under a variety of names including Cracklings (US), Pork Crackle (Australia, New Zealand), Chicharrones (Latin America), Grattons (France) and Scrunchions (Canada).

Matthew Brownie has been a professional chef for over 20 years. Originally from New Zealand, he admits he “has conceded” to Skibbereen where he lives with his wife and two children. A roundabout route took Matthew to Dublin in 2008 where he continued to manage kitchens, consult in hospitality, create cooking classes and progress in the food arena before moving to West Cork.

Here his passion for food drove him in a new food direction, towards product development. Given an opportunity to find a gap in the Irish food market, it was obvious to Matthew that Irish Pork Scratchings would be his product. The opportunity came when he decided to go back to college in 2011 to study Advanced Culinary Arts  at Cork Institute of Technology where he achieved a distinction in BA Culinary Arts.

Achieving top marks for Scratch my Pork, he was asked to compete in the Cork County and City Enterprise Boards CIT Prize for Innovation and won the best business Plan award. “I am delighted for what I have achieved, and the product is already in over 100 outlets including Retail, Licenced and Off Licenced premises." He is also the Chef food writer for the Southern Star.

In April this year, Matthew formed The No Nonsense Food Company to  launch Scratch My Pork snacks. “This is a quality hand cooked natural meat savoury snack with unique dry rub marinades resulting in a crunchy, crispy, flavoursome, good value and nutritious snack,  produced in a dedicated nut and gluten free facility with my own catchy slogan and branding called ‘Scratch my Pork’.” He has released two flavours to begin with, Smokey Bacon & Cajun, with a traditional salted flavour to follow.

So now you know what Pork Scratchings are, why not go out and try some. Looks like Supervalu is a good place to start. Then why not try your local pub? I’m told they are very popular in Ma Murphy’s in Bantry. And of course if you want anything in the food or drink line in Cork, then head to Bradley’s in North Main Street! If you are a retailer, contact Matthew himself or his distributors C & R in Little Island.

Keep an eye on Matthew’s website here and also follow him on his Facebook page.
To find out more about Pork Rinds in general, why not do a YouTube search. Here’s one to start you off