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Monday, September 26, 2011

Symphony or cacophony? 2 Musicians 8 grapes 1 wine

Domaine Bourdic Octandre 2009, VdP Cotes de Thongue, Organic, 13.5%, €9.27 Karwig.

Christa Vogel and Hans Hürlimann came to the Midi as musicians, “and then rediscovered ourselves as wine makers. In this wonderful region of France, .., we aim to make wines that are wholly typical of the south, with a subtle character and an incomparable taste. Come and meet us ... and taste our wines.”

This Languedoc vineyard grows eight different kinds of grape and our musical duo decided to put them all together in the Octandre: Cinsault 39%, Cabernet Sauvignon 24%, Grenache 15%, Syrah 9%, Tempranillo 6%, Vermentino 4%, Roussanne 2% and merlot (1%).

Have they come up with a symphony or a cacophony? Opinions were mixed here, one of us leaning towards a little less than average, the other (liking the fact there is little or no spice notes) towards the other side.

Colour is a fairly deep red with a good nose of dark fruits, especially plum. The ripe tannins are not slow to introduce themselves on the palate and the black fruits, including blackberry, then find their way through but not in a big rush. Less full bodied than I’d expected but nicely balanced. Unusual and one you might like to try for yourself. If you do, let me know what you think.