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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Domaine des Anges white 2009, AOC Ventoux, 14%, €13.30 (Karwig)
This is a blend of Roussanne, Grenache blanc, Bourboulenc and Clairette. Colour is a pale honey, clean with hints of green. The pleasantly aromatic nose is full of promise: there are pears for sure, maybe light citrus also, and overall it is really lovely to

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Dordogne River

From the right bank of the Dordogne comes a French winner, at once a reminder to me that Bergerac Sec can match if not outplay Bordeaux Sec and also that the French can outplay many of their New World rivals in a field where the newcomers are seen to have an edge.
I’m talking here about the Semillon Sauvignon Blanc (SSB) and in particular about one that I bought in the Dordogne last year.
Chateau Laulerie Montravel Sec 2009, SSB, 12%, 
Colour is an inviting clean pale honey with a white fruit nose. In the mouth, the apple, pear and gooseberry make it tingle and tangle. It is dry but also fruity, perhaps closer to medium dry than full on Sec. Unexpectedly quite impressed with this from
The Chateau’s own tasting notes: On the nose, this white wine combines gooseberry, exotic fruit and peach. The palate is rich and generous, with a fresh, tasty finish and a fruity after-taste.