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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Smart Way to Locate your Business

The Smart  Way to Locate your Business  

I recently met with and old friend of mine Jim Nolan who introduced me  to to Loc8 Codes (Location codes) a brilliantly modern and easy way to locate properties and places in Ireland.

From talking with Jim  using the Loc8 codes appears to me to be the ideal way to  overcome the time wasting and frustration that people experience in trying to quickly find exactly where  the hotel, restaurant,sports pitch etc that they wish to travel to is located and to be guided to it.

Loc8 Code was founded by GPS Specialist  Gary Delaney who has spent many years researching, developing and finessing the code  to meet the exacting requirements of  modern needs and usage.

Launched on the 12 July 2010 , with Enterprise Ireland  and Garmin  Sat Nav support, Loc 8 codes are now widely used by commercial businesses, tourist, Local Goverment, Emergency Services ,sporting bodies and private users.

Having checked, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that many of you are already displaying and using Loc8 Codes on their web sites. Ummera Smoked Products Ltd in West Cork is one and here is a link for you to browse

Why use Loc8 Codes?
Loc8 Codes can be assigned for any location, not just