The Smart Way to Locate your Business

The Smart  Way to Locate your Business  

I recently met with and old friend of mine Jim Nolan who introduced me  to to Loc8 Codes (Location codes) a brilliantly modern and easy way to locate properties and places in Ireland.

From talking with Jim  using the Loc8 codes appears to me to be the ideal way to  overcome the time wasting and frustration that people experience in trying to quickly find exactly where  the hotel, restaurant,sports pitch etc that they wish to travel to is located and to be guided to it.

Loc8 Code was founded by GPS Specialist  Gary Delaney who has spent many years researching, developing and finessing the code  to meet the exacting requirements of  modern needs and usage.

Launched on the 12 July 2010 , with Enterprise Ireland  and Garmin  Sat Nav support, Loc 8 codes are now widely used by commercial businesses, tourist, Local Goverment, Emergency Services ,sporting bodies and private users.

Having checked, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that many of you are already displaying and using Loc8 Codes on their web sites. Ummera Smoked Products Ltd in West Cork is one and here is a link for you to browse

Why use Loc8 Codes?
Loc8 Codes can be assigned for any location, not just
Simply typing into any web browser will bring up that  exact location.
Loc8 Code is a vey user friendly code for use by Sat Nav and GPS Enabled Mobile phone  owners. Those with Garmin SatNavs or Iphones (with point8 iphone App) and other units to come will just be able to punch the code in and be guided there.
Loc8 Codes really have revolutionised address codes and the way we navigate around the island of Ireland –the ease in pinpointing  any location makes the days for struggling to find homes, businesses and  services a thing of the past.
For anybody needing their business, home etc to be quickly located by customers, visitors or couriers  the simple and easy way is for them to create and use  an unique  Loc8 code for their properties.
Many locations in Ireland already define their location using geographic coordinates, they are difficult to remember, can be easily misunderstood and have too many characters. Whilst they might be useful, they have to be modified to make them more user friendly. This is exactly what Loc8 Codes do. They are easy to remember and simple to work with.
Many organisations and businesses use Google Maps to help people find them- Useful But Google maps is not accurate  and won’t allow people  be guided or navigated to your location.
Loc8 Code for accuracy uses Ordnance Survey Mapping for all of Ireland .
Why not join the fast growing number of Hotels ,Restaurants,B&B’s etc who are seeing the benefits of using the smart way, of letting customers,visitors and tourist  know exactly where they are located on the map  and allowing their customers simply guided  to them.
Without Loc8 Codes it’s hard to be precise
Ireland has no postcode system and the problems this causes are well known. As many as 40% of Irish addresses are non unique which means finding precise locations can be difficult. Add to this the fact that addresses often have Irish and English language variants, each with different spellings, and the potential for confusion soon becomes obvious.
Loc8 Codes solve the Postcode problem
Loc8 Codes allow locations across the whole of Ireland to be defined to an accuracy of +/-6 metres. They consist of just 8 characters so they are easy to remember and once they have been assigned, they are unique to that particular location. What’s more, Loc8 Codes work independently of language so it doesn’t matter if the address they are added to is in Irish, English, any other language for that matter.
While traditional postcode systems work by using road databases, the Loc8 system works by area. It means you can assign a Loc8 Code to any location. Construction site managers can tell building suppliers the Loc8 Code of their site entrance and music festival organisers can ease site traffic by giving ticket-holders Loc8 Codes for designated car parking areas. Loc8 Codes revolutionise the way Ireland is navigated.
For Information or guidance contact  Gary,Jim or Ewa at  : Loc8 Code Ltd
                                                                                Tel:                       021/4832990    
                                                                               Jim:                        086/0452416
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                                                                           Location:               W8L-82-4YK