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Saturday, February 26, 2011



Kinvara Smoked Salmon:
You’ll never be stuck for food ideas once you have a keyboard and access to social media. Recipes abound here. And we were glad of the service on a recent Saturday night when a planned starter wasn't working out.

Tapped my way to Kinvara Smoked Salmon. I knew they have a smashing little recipe brochure and spotted it on the home page. Clicked my way down and found just what was required:  Kinvara Smoked Salmon Potato Salad.  A beautiful starter indeed.

Killowen Vintage Cheddar
Killowen Vintage Cheddar is a product of Newmarket Creameries and is sold in a distinctive 200 gram box.  It is “typically matured for at least two years”, is creamy and full flavoured and very enjoyable and ideal for people who may find some of the other mature cheddars a bit on the dry side.

I usually come across Iain of Riverstick based Flynn’s Kitchen at the Farmers Market in Mahon Point. Less than two weeks back, I picked up his newest soup: Potato, Leek and Thyme Soup. Many potato and leek soups can be bland enough but Iain’s judicious use of Thyme and seasoning has certainly given the old formula a new life and at €3.00 a pot (or two for a fiver) is well worth a try as indeed are all his other soups and good things.