Taste of the Week. Davidson’s Peppercorn Steak Bombs

Taste of the Week
Davidson’s Peppercorn Steak Bombs
Ready to go. The chips, by the way, are done like wedges in the oven with a little olive oil. Roosters were used.

“These are our Peppercorn Steak Bombs, minced chuck beef with a creamy pepper filling, lightly seasoned and rolled in a peppery crumb. Delicious.”

When our award-winning local butcher Chris posts something like this on social media, we are first in the queue and are at the Davidson’s door in  Montenotte in no time at all. 

We’ve never been disappointed and this latest offering is up there with the best of them, a bit of medium heat from the pepper taking the top notch meat to a new level, a new Taste of the Week!

7 St Christopher’s Drive
Cork City
(021) 451 8184