Thursday, December 19, 2019

The Magic of Fermentation - Sat 25th Jan

The Magic of Fermentation - Sat 25th Jan

To kick off 2020 we are revisiting the wonderful world of fermentation with a twist. 

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We kick off 2020 with three wonderful practitioners of the art of fermentation. 

  • Tom Stack is a dairy farmer in conversation to organic based in Limerick. He follows the Korean Natural Farming method and fermentation is an integral part of that approach. 

  • Ronan Coughlan is Head Brewer with KO Kombucha who produce a range of organic fermented drinks in Offaly - Their website 

  • Terri Ann Fox runs fermentation workshops in Wicklow and the list of foods she ferments is over 25 long! -  Her instagram

You can buy your ticket(s) here and we look forward to meeting you on the night - do say hello.

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Keith (Biabeag) & Julie (Highbank Organic Orchard)


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