Taste of the Week. Jameson Crested Whiskey

Taste of the Week
Jameson Crested Whiskey

Have long been a fan of Jameson Crested (known as Crested Ten up to quite recently). This blend has quite a bit of pot still in there, certainly more pot still than grain, and extra use of sherry casks gives it more fruit and spice on the nose, more body and flavour on the palate, and it all adds up to our current Taste of the Week.

The sherry is not overdone. There is a delicious harmony here (ideal for sipping) from start to finish where the warm sherry lingers. An excellent under-rated whiskey and widely available. Well priced too at under 40 euro. 

Jameson Crested is a tribute to the first drops bottled at The Bow Street Distillery and it is Jameson's oldest distillery bottled brand. According to the distillery: “Back in the day it was common practice to sell Irish whiskey to bonders by the cask. Then, it was left up to them to bottle it. Believe it or not, it was in 1963, after some greedy bonders started to water down the whiskey to fill up their pockets, that Jameson took over full control of the process, from grain to glass.” 

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