Taste of the Week. Stonewell's New Sparkling Prestige

Taste of the Week
Stonewell's New Sparkling Prestige
Prosecco Beware!

The Stonewall Cider logo has won many plaudits since it was introduced about five years ago. It looks good on the regular cider bottles and looks even better on their new Esterre sparkling prestige.  And the 75 cl contents are a bubbling revelation.

Made exclusively from the beautiful Elstar Apple (grown in Tipperary and Waterford), Esterre is a sparkling cider "with reflections of a sparkling wine".  This is dry, really dry, is clean and crisp in the mouth with tart elements of the orchard and citrus notes and a smooth finish.

It is a class product in a class bottle. I'm delighted to say that I am very impressed with it and wouldn't be at all surprised to see it replace, to some degree, the ubiquitous Prosecco at receptions. And at 6% abv, you may allow yourself a second glass.

Available at: Matsons Wine Store in Bandon and Grange; Bradley's, North Main Street, Cork. Price: €16.99