Taste of the Week. Mr Jeffares Blackcurrant Cordial

Taste of the Week

Mr Jeffares Blackcurrant Cordial

This week's top taste again comes from one of the stalls in the Big Shed at the Ballymaloe LitFest, a great place to get up to date with the fabulous products that our farmers and other producers are coming up with.

Some terrific cordials around these days and this new Blackcurrant drink, from Mr Jeffares, is a winner for sure and our Taste of the Week. The family have been growing blackcurrants on their Wexford farm for three generations. Fortunately, they know and respect their fruit and do not add any artificial colour, flavour or preservative.

The pure juice “is accentuated by an extract of stevia rebaudiana”. This natural sweetener, also called sweetleaf, is enjoyed worldwide. If you are expecting a sugary taste, forget it. This is a refreshing tart drink, even when diluted with four parts water to one.

No shortage of ideas on how to get the best of it on their website here. Des Jeffares himself was in Ballymaloe and he told me one of his favourites was to use sparkling water. I tried that and it is a good one.

But there are many more ways and I think I'll soon be graduating to the vodka and Blackcurrant one. Then there’s nothing wrong either with topping it up with apple juice. Loads of ideas including Blackcurrant ice-lollies, a Smoothie, and a Salad Dressing. A very versatile Taste of the Week indeed and widely available. Check here for stockists.