Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Three Excellent Whites. Fifteen Euro Each.

Three Excellent Whites
Fifteen Euro Each.

Masi Masianco 2013 (Venezie IGT), 13%, €14.99 Bradley’s

This is a blend of Pinot Grigio and Verduzzo (grown mainly in NE Italy). It is also a blend of freshly picked and semi-dried grapes. Masi say they are experts in “enhancing aromas and tastes using lightly semi dried grapes”. This appassimento leads to a higher concentration of fruit and it seems to work well here.

There are excellent white fruit and blossom aromas and the colour is light gold with a green hue. This is Pinot Grigio plus, with character and concentration, a lip drying acidity and an impressive finalé. Well worth a try and Very Highly Recommended.

Pedra da Agua Albarino 2013 (Rias Baixas DO), 12.5%, €15.20 Karwig Wines

From the green corner of Spain, facing the wet Atlantic and with Portugal to the south, this wine is Very Highly Recommended. It is sharp and tingly with beautiful white fruit flavours, brilliant acidity and a refreshing fresh and clean finish.

I don't take much notice of back labels that talk about local legends rather than the wine. This one though may be different. It mentions a rock in the depths of Galicia and
“......a trail of saline minerals
Arriving fresh and pure.”
May be something in that yarn.
May well be some of those minerals in this wine.

Cuatro Rayas Viñedos Centenarios Verdejo 2012 (Ruedo DO), 12.5%, €14.99, Bubble Bros.

Colour is a medium gold with greenish hue, many microbubbles. It is fresh and powerful on the nose, “a varietal characteristic” I’m told! Quite a mouthful of flavour - melon, citrus, herb (fennel). No shortage of acidity either. It is well balanced, with a little spirtz (those little bubbles earning their keep) and the citrus notes continue right through the long finalé. Refreshing and Very Highly Recommended.

Verdejo is the historic grape of Rueda and the fruit for this was picked from vines with an average age of 80 years, some of them over 100 years. This wine is found in top restaurants in the Basque area and the producers are sponsors of Real Valladolid soccer club. Valladolid are second division, the wine is first!

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