Monday, April 13, 2015

Bellini’s at the Maryborough

Bellini’s at the Maryborough
Lunched at the luxurious Maryborough Hotel at the weekend. Bellini’s is a beautiful restaurant with many well padded nooks and crannies but what struck me was the simple arrangment of the food on the plates. Nothing at all complicated about it and since the food was well handled, well cooked and well presented, we enjoyed an excellent meal.

The restaurant was slack enough at the time, but the bar, which also serves food, looked much busier. Service was excellent and info on the day's specials was delivered with the menus and water to the table, all without delay.

We got some nice breads - loved the Sundried Tomato loaf - as we studied the menu, quite an extensive one. No shortage of soups and sandwiches, the latter including a tempting looking Ploughman's Lunch that included the local Carrigaline cheddar.
The Sundried Tomato loaf was the base for their €10.50 Steak Sandwich (Chargrilled minute steak, crispy onions, beef tomato, vegetables marmalade and mushrooms ketchup on the bread).

I enjoyed my Roast Chicken Supreme, with Boulangere potato, tomato and balsamic puree, caper and raisin pesto. Good flavours and textures and a lovely dish for €16.50. We also had the Marinated Duck leg at the table, another at €16.50. This, with Spiced Mango and cabbage and a plum sauce, also went down well.

We also had one of the specials: Cod with capers and tomatoes and served on a well made bed of mashed potato. This got the thumbs up as well. Indeed all four dishes were well received as were the bowls of vegetables, mainly cauliflower florets, broccoli, and carrots, again a simple bowl but very well cooked indeed.
Not everyone went for dessert and some sharing was agreed on. There was a tempting list though, including Tunisian Orange Cake and a Raspberry and Pistachio Frangipane Tart. My pick was the Millefeuille of Apricot and Raspberry. Both it and the Chocolate Mousse Special had their admirers and there was a bit more sharing than intended!

An excellent meal in an excellent location. Next time, I’ll have to go for the dinner. Or maybe I’ll treat herself to the Afternoon Tea special (3.00 to 6.00pm), a very tempting mix of savoury and sweet, all for twenty five euro for two.

The Maryborough is one of the most popular hotels in the city and is also the AA Hotel of the Year for 2014.

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