Midleton's Lion of St Mark

Pizzeria San Marco

In Venice, you will see the Lion of St Mark all over the town. You will also see it on the wall of Pizzeria San Marco which is just down the road in Midleton. 

Here the restaurant, which opened two years back and has been making friends since, proudly boasts about their authentic Italian dining experience. They have an authentic Italian wood-burning oven and charcoal grill. And also that Lion of St Mark on the wall.

Had been hearing good things about this Pizzeria over the last 12 months and got a chance to call down last week. It is on the Cork City side of the town, not too far down from the site of the weekly Farmers Market. Front of house are very friendly and the chairs are comfortable.

The menu is wide ranging, as you see for yourself by visiting the website. I’ve always enjoyed the shared meat dish that other Italian restaurants use and we went for it here and were delighted. The Antipasto Platter consisted of Cured Italian meats with a selection of cheeses, olives and sun dried tomatoes and cost €10.30. It was a well-balanced plateful and was helped on its way by a gorgeous Montepulciano.

We had actually been about to pick a Sangiovese Merlot from the understandably short list until our genial waiter Mario suggested the Caldora Montepulciano. It is from the Abruzzo region with a full body, intense, persistent and fruity. And, as Mario said, goes well with meat and cheese. Cost per bottle is 22 euro, per glass 6.25.

As you’d expect, they have a long list of pizzas. The special on the night was the Macroom Pizza, featuring the Toomsbridge Buffalo cheese, but I went for the Carciofini which had tomato, mozzarella and artichokes and cost €11:30. Must say, glad to say, it was top notch, a great mix, well balanced and the artichokes more than held their own.

CL picked the Lasagna: Baked pasta layered with Bolognese and B├ęchamel sauce, topped with Parmesan cheese, served with garlic bread (€12.50). I had a sample and it was just brilliant and, more importantly, she concurred, enthusiastically.

We were pretty full after the opening two courses and shared the Tiramisu: A layer of "savoiardi" biscuits with coffee liquor, mascarpone cheese and cocoa – €6.50. After the first spoonful, we were inclined to order a second helping but beat off the temptation.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the lovely review, Billy! Delighted you enjoyed your trip to Pizzeria San Marco. The photos are great!
Kind regards,
Cork Billy said…
Very enjoyable meal. Thanks to Martin of Woodside Farm for the heads up.