New from Glenisk! Pure Original.


Got a selection of the new No Added Sugar yoghurts from Glenisk to try recently. I have quite enjoyed the three: Natural, Blueberry and Mango.

Of course, I didn’t leave well alone but tried out a few variations. For instance, I jazzed up the natural with a few bunches of raspberries form the back garden and that went down a treat. The Natural also came in very handy for making the Wholemeal Banana Bread (recipe in Sally Bee’s The Secret Ingredient).

Sally’s books are quite popular in this house and, in the same book, she has a recipe for using natural yoghurt and fruits. Basically you whiz the yoghurt and fruit together and then put them up in smaller yogurt pots and freeze them. Didn’t do that but Sally says they are as popular as ice cream with her kids.

The Glenisk fruit yoghurts are really creamy and tasty and hardly need improving by me. I enjoyed the blueberry one just as it came but must admit to “tampering” with the Mango. Got a tip from @RTEFood  on Twitter and added in some granola (from Staple Diet of Wexford) and must say it worked out quite well.

So there you have, a few ideas to get the best out of the lovely Glenisk products. But don’t worry if you haven't time on your hands as they are excellent just the way they are!

Below is the press release that came with the yoghurts.


3rd July: Glenisk, Ireland’s award-winning organic dairy is celebrating its 25th birthday with the introduction of ‘Pure Original’, a premium range of organic yogurts which contain only yogurt and fruit – and nothing else! Like all Glenisk organic yogurts, Originals are free from artificial or GM ingredients and synthetic chemicals – and they are also free from added sugar. The yogurts contains a  beneficial probiotic culture, l.casei, to help promote healthy digestion.

With no artificial ingredients, and available in delicious flavours; Natural, Mango, Blueberry and Mango & Pineapple, served in distinctive transparent pots – with Glenisk, what you see really is what you get!

The range is available in NATURAL, 500g which is made simply with fresh organic milk and a probiotic culture. Both the MANGO and the BLUEBERRY Original yogurts, 450g feature a decadent layer of fruit on the bottom and a deliciously pure and creamy topping of natural organic yogurt on top. They have no added sugar, and because they are organic, they’re also free from any artificial ingredients, chemicals, GM ingredients.  Each contains a beneficial probiotic culture for healthy digestion.

Also with no added sugar, PINEAPPLE & MANGO Original comes in a 4x125g multipack, and contains a blend of organic yogurt mixed with delicious tropical fruits. The convenient format makes them perfect to pop into lunch boxes or gym bags for a healthy on-the-go snack.

Glenisk MD, Vincent Cleary comments: “creating new and better organic yogurts is our goal. Recently, we reformulated our baby and kids yogurts to remove refined sugar and the response from customers was so positive, we realised a demand existed for a similar range for adults. We’re especially proud to launch our new Originals, with no added sugar, as we celebrate our 25th birthday this year.”

Glenisk Pure Original is available at a recommended retail price of €1.99 for the large pots and €2.69 for the multipack, from leading supermarkets and independent retailers.

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