The Cholesterol Challenge

Flora pro.activ has teamed up with Supervalu and The Mooney Show on RTE Radio 1 to carry out the Cholesterol Challenge

Free cholesterol testing coming to a town near you!

Are you concerned about high cholesterol?  Do you know your number?  This
year the Flora pro.activ Cholesterol Challenge is travelling around the
country offering free cholesterol checks and expert advice on diet and

The Flora pro.activ nurses will be visiting a town near you over the coming
months to carry out the cholesterol checks, which take just five minutes of
your time, and will provide you with expert nutrition advice based on your

Flora pro.activ has teamed up with Supervalu and The Mooney Show on RTE
Radio 1 to carry out the Cholesterol Challenge and full schedule of testing
dates, venues and live Mooney Show outside broadcasts are available at
<> .

Muireann McCormack, Senior Brand Manager, Flora pro.activ commented: "We
know that people all over Ireland are concerned about cholesterol and want
to know what their number is, so that they can effectively manage it. For
this reason, we have launched a testing campaign to make it easier for
people to find out about their cholesterol number. This campaign will also
help to raise awareness of the cholesterol issue in general.”

Speaking about his involvement in the campaign RTE presenter Derek Mooney
said: “I am delighted to be involved in this campaign, suffering from high
cholesterol myself I understand the importance of maintaining a heart
healthy diet and keeping cholesterol under control.  High cholesterol is a
major contributor to heart disease, which is the biggest killer in the
world, we all know somebody who has been touched in some way. I’d strongly
encourage you to get your cholesterol checked and to kick start a heart
healthy lifestyle that will benefit your overall health and wellbeing.  I
look forward to meeting some of you as part of the Mooney Tour over the
coming months.”

It is widely recognised that high cholesterol levels can cause the arteries
to narrow and therefore it is important to maintain healthy cholesterol
levels to help keep your heart healthy.  There are no obvious symptoms of
high cholesterol but the good news is that, once detected, some of the
factors that effect cholesterol levels can be changed through diet and

In addition to the testing schedule offered in conjunction with The Mooney
Show and Supervalu, Flora pro.activ are also offering groups and
organisations with 30 or more members the opportunity to stage a Flora
pro.activ Nutrition Seminar in their local area.  The Nutrition Seminars
will combine cholesterol testing with a wider nutritional workshop.  Full
details and an application form can be found at