Mas de la Dame La Stèle Blanc 2010

Mas de la Dame La Stèle Blanc 2010, Vin de Pays des Alpilles, 13.5%, €9.20 at the vineyard.

“One day, the sea will recover the land and will stop at the Stèle (stone marker) of Mas de la Dame. So spoke Nostradamus.

The sea could well one day sweep up the flatlands of the Camargue and head for the historic farmhouse (mas) of la Dame. So I thought I’d help myself to some of their organic wine this summer during my hols in Provence.

This white is a blend of Rolle (80%) and Clairette. It has the colour of a well watered down whiskey and an aromatic nose. Dry and tasty, this classy fresh wine has a smooth and rounded mouthfeel with a mix of white fruit flavours spreading gently all over the palate, enough to allow a generous seepage into a lovely finish.

Aside from being mentioned in the predictions of Nostradamus, Mas de la Dame was painted by Van Gogh, and referred to by Simone de Beauvoir (famed 20th century French author-philosopher).

We had a lovely visit here in June and after tasting bought this white and some Stèle rouge 2006. They also do Olive Oil but we had already shopped for that at the nearby Castelas.

Unfortunately this fabulous wine is not available for sale in Ireland. But if you are in France, keep an eye out for it and grab some while you can. That Nostradamus fellow might just be correct!