The Cornstore is one well tuned outfit, slick and efficient. The excellent service comes with a chat and smile. And the food isn’t half bad either.

What a choice. Early Bird, July/August Fish Specials and an A La Carte selection about as big as a page of the Evening Echo with main dishes ranging from €14.35 to €32.95.

This is what I picked this weekend:
Cornstore Chicken Wings with Crozier blue cheese (€8.50);
Charred and carved duck breast with beetroot confit, sautéed spinach, mash potatoes and red wine jus (€21.65);
Wine: Bodegas Muriel Tempranillo Rioja Spain (5.95 gl, 16.95 50cl and 23.95 75cl).

Those chicken wings are hot babies (there is a whole flock of them in the dish) and you need and appreciate the dip to cool things down. A glass of water also helps. If there are two of you and you both like wings, then you can get a dish to share for €13.50.

With the wings out of the way and the hands cleaned, there was just a short wait for the main course, again a substantial dish. Really liked it, especially the combination of the medium cooked duck (they tell you in advance that that’s the way they do it!) and the spinach. The beetroot was a little on the sweet side (I found it fine) and provided another interesting taste combination with the meat.

There are huge choices of wine, up to 18 available by the glass, quite a few by carafe (50cl). The Tempranillo was spicy and fruity.

It was an excellent meal, Very enjoyable. And the Cornstore seem to be getting it right as the place was very very busy.