Tipperary apple grower Cornelius Traas of Tipp's Apple Farm has been in touch after our recent article where apple juice concentrate was used in the making of marmalade instead of sugar. (read original post (a short one) here)

Cornelius wrote: "We now have one apple grower (Calderpotts Highbank Farm and Orchard near Kilkenny) making an apple juice concentrate that could be used as a sugar substitute like you suggest Billy. However, the low cost of Chinese concentrate (which is probably what Meridian are using) compared to the high cost of growing the apples and making the concentrate here would probably push that jar up by about 4 euros, almost trebling the price to the consumer. At the moment I use the Highbank apple syrup in Glenilen natural yoghurt. Beautiful, and a great way to get small kids to eat natural yoghurt." 

Reply: Thanks for that. Can't beat inside knowledge. I was just highlighting it in case there was an opportunity. 

Cornelius: "And I would not rule it out in the future Billy. Things change over time, and we may become more competitive as our costs fall and their costs rise. It's good to be considering things all the time." 

Just in case you don't know, Cornelius makes what I consider one of the best Irish artisan products. It is a Sparkling Apple Juice. Do yourself a favour and try it out.