Colum O'Regan, Horizon Organic Farm, Supplier to Just Food


Three cheers for our artisan soupmakers. They make us full. They make us warm. Especially these cold days.

I’m thinking of three in particular: Just Food , Flynn's Kitchen and Cully & Sully. And they don't stop at soup. They also make other delicious products – just click on their sites to check it out.

I recently picked up a
couple from Flynn’s Kitchens in the Mahon Market and they were top class. Most recently, I enjoyed one made by Deirdre Hilliard and company at Just Food in Cobh.
It was her Moroccan Chickpea Soup from her Blas Na h-Eireann award winning range. 

Just Food started life in 2004 when they took a corner of a stall in the Midleton Market and now their kitchen in Cobh turns out soups, salads, hummus, pesto and Muesli for shops and restaurants.

I have tasted most of the range at this stage and have never been disappointed. Just a note. If you spot the soups of these three makers side by side, you will think that Just Food’s are more expensive. But if you look closer, you’ll see that their containers are bigger.

I’ve never really worked out the comparative price per 100ml as I usually have enough to do in making a choice between their excellent soups. If pushed though, I would give the nod to Just Food but wouldn’t be at all disappointed if the shop or market was out of it and offered me one of the others.

They are three good ones but then again I’m sure you have your favourite soup-maker as well. Let me know who it is, either by email ( or by using the comment facility below.