Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Was walking through the English Market one recent Saturday afternoon when I remembered that I needed some marmalade. I was just passing the Good Food Shop and spotted a few jars and checked them out.

One that caught my attention was the Meridian Organic Seville Orange Fruit Spread sweetened, not with sugar, but with Organic Apple Juice Concentrate. It cost €2.98 so I said to myself that it was worth a try.

And it certainly was. It is more or less a paste but with small bits and pieces of peel intact and scattered throughout. The label: Delicious spread on bread and toast or stir into natural yogurt and muesli for additional flavour.

I like a fairly strong tasting marmalade and this certainly matched my specification, nice and tarty. And no sugar! Maybe there’s an opening here for Irish apple companies.

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CJ and PK said...

They'll have alcohol-free wine next...