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Paco Guzman cooks up a Silk Purse storm during Jazz fest

adriancummins Adrian Cummins Restaurants will suffer if the government suck too much disposable income out of the economy thus loss of jobs.

Pandora Bell Confectionary Pandora Bell will be at the Craft Fair at the Limerick Milk Market today. It promises to be a great day with Halloween games and treats for the kids. Thank God for the new roof or I would be dusting down my wellies!

Nautilus restaurant is still on holidays :)
We will reopen next Thursday with a few new dishes on the menu.
Meanwhile, you can start planning your Christmas party by clicking on the link to the menus:

Ballymaloe Ballymaloe House Delicious for the Autumnal days, Mulled Apple Juice at the 'Cafe at the end of the shop', Ballymaloe

Ballymaloe Ballymaloe House Sacha and Dave, Smith & Whelan Spanish Wines, Ballycotton; great selection of 'Large Format Bottles',

Liberty Grill We will be involved the Dine in Cork promotion in November

Little Buddha Cork NEW PRODUCTS: Manual Coffee Grinders now available in-store and online. Now you can have your fresh coffee in the morning. visit

No.5 Fenns Quay Restaurant Fenns Quay is looking foward to the next Dine in Cork happening from the 5th november to the 14th inclusive for more information or keep to date on the facebook page "dine in cork"

Bibliocook Caroline@Bibliocook Finally, a #foodcamp write up. Still flying from Friday's launch of the @IrishFoodies site. Time to knuckle down...

FoodAndWineMag FOOD&WINE  The FOOD&WINE Magazine Christmas Show takes place at the RDS Main Hall on the last weekend in November (Friday...

foodforlivingie Food for Living Re-enforcing how important mental attitude and social support are with good health RT @greythinking

rednosewine Red Nose Wine You have until Oct 30 to win Icon wine by following us on Twitter or Liking Facebook Please RT

SAVEURMAG SAVEUR We've come to appreciate turkey as an ingredient capable of incredible things...
SAVEURMAG SAVEUR 10 Sweet Potato Recipes

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