Twenty or so stalls set up in the grounds of Blarney Woollen Mills this morning as the regular Thursday Farmer’s Market eased (was going to say swung) into action.

Surprised to find an outpost of Manning’s Food Emporium there but not surprised at all at the quality of their offerings. Got interested in the cheese and after a couple of tastings and a bit of banter decided on the Coolea.

Bread was next on the agenda and a call nearby to the stall of Tom’s Bakery (from Kinsale), a regular market attendee, solved that as €3.60 bought a rye loaf. Mealagulla Orchard was displaying cooking apples at just €2.00 for five. Great value, as were the eating apples at €2.00 for ten. Left with two bags full!

Plenty of other stalls offering food, including cup cakes and relishes and honey (Is it a bit expensive at €7.00 a jar?) and then one or two “craft” stalls and also one selling Native American flutes! Nice mix all round for both local and tourist and very central as well.
 Mealagulla Orchard apples
 Setting Up
Outpost of Manning's Food Emporium