O'Flynn and Sons - Master Butchers


O’Flynn’s Butchers in Marlboro Street may well be out of the shared limelight that the English Market endows on its tenants but, such is the quality of product and service that O’Flynn’s have maintained for decades, their customers will seek them out time and time again.

Called in there this Jazz Weekend Saturday and, after some banter and spot-on advice, left a happy customer. Happier again later on when that first class pork was on the plate Chez Moi. And some left over for sangers, as predicted by the man behind the counter.

John O’Flynn & Sons, Master Butchers, 36 Marlboro Street. 427 5685

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Unknown said…
We can't agree more! We lived in Cork during the 70's and 80's and O'Flynn's was the place to go if you wanted quality meat and quality service with the added benefit of amusing and, as often, stimulating conversation.

All the best to O'Flynn's (and, while we are at it, Happy Birthday to Simon!)

Howard and Kathleen
Eugene, Oregon USA
Unknown said…
A most Happy Birthday to Simon on January 11, 2011! A milestone in your life! May you have an abundance of good fortune, best of health and happiness always!

Kathleen and Howard Epstein, Eugene Oregon, USA
Críona said…
Their steaks leave others in the dust. I've never tasted a finer striploin. It took me six years of living in Cork before I went to O'Flynn's and I regret that.
Críona said…
Without question the best steaks in town. I've never tasted a striploin as fine as those from O'Flynns.