Enjoy a little mystery on your Sunday evenings? Enjoy a little wine at the same time? Now you can combine both in the third Twitter Blind Tasting Event.

The wine will be delivered to your door but won’t have the usual labels visible. A bit of scouts honour is required here but remember this is a fun 90 minutes or so. Have a look, have a nose, have a taste – all at a leisurely pace.

You and your fellow drinkers will all the time be updating twitter with your opinions. If you don't have any, then just read the others (some are very witty) and have another sip. No competition here, no prizes, just a bunch of wine lovers having a bit of Sunday night fun, starting about nine.

The wines in the previous tastings were supplied by Curious Wines and Bubble Brothers and Carrigaline outfit Karwig Wines are doing the honours for the March event. The mystery bottle costs €19.00, including delivery in the Republic.

Don't worry if you are new to Twitter. Brian Clayton, one of the organisers, has all the info you need, in plain English, on his excellent introductory post.
Kevin Crowley of the famous Fenns Quay restaurant in Cork is another man involved behind the scenes and you’ll be following him and Brian on Twitter as they’ll be guiding you through the process:  when to open, when to taste and so on.

You can also follow the event hashmark:  #twebt. Don’t worry at all about the technical side of it – Brian’s post is very clear on twitter and how to use it. Just enjoy the wine and enjoy the company. Enjoy the craic.

So what are you waiting for? Click on Karwigs above and take the first step towards solving that mystery.