Monday, February 22, 2010

Blackrock Market in Cork

It may be one of the smallest markets around but Sunday morning’s gathering in Blackrock is not without its fans. Some drive in, some stroll down, even spotted a pair roller skating to the venue today!
And why not? It has a lovely riverside location and plenty of parking and space enough for the dozen or so stands that start opening for business around the 10.00am mark and stay there until 2.00pm.
Despite the small number of stands, quite a lot is covered. Here you can get hot drinks (O’Connaill’s coffee and chocolate among them) and hot bites such as crepes. Then there are burritos and soups and more substantial food items like fish and bread. Even noticed a jewellery stand there.
So, if you missed out on the bigger presentations like Mahon (Thursday) and Midleton (Saturday), then all is not lost and a visit to the bottom of the Marina and the fishing village of Blackrock could well save the day for you!

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