O'Connaill Chocolate in Cork

You never know where you’ll find O’Connaill’s Chocolates but everywhere wouldn’t be a bad answer.
Not alone do this Carrigaline based company have their own outlet, well positioned in city centre French Church Street, but their products are sold by many top rate food outlets (such as O’Keeffe’s in St Luke’s) and, in addition, they never ever neglect a market space, being regulars in Mahon and Midleton.

They have chocolate products galore, the strength of their bars going from 30 to 100 per cent. And they can heat you up on a cold day with some delicious hot chocolate (€2.50). Well I find it delicious any way but, taste being what it is, some people do find it the sweetness just too much.
That is the way we are built but you still don't lose out if you find yourself in front of an O’Connaill’s stall as they also sell some decent coffee (€2) to go. My most recent visit came on a Sunday morning in Blackrock and, as the frost lingered well into the day, I really enjoyed my hot cup as I watched the rowers pass by on the river.

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