The Boardwalk Bar and Grill in Cork

Make a visit to the Boardwalk Bar and Grill to check out their inviting €22.50 three course early bird offer.
Made feel at home straight way by the friendly staff who were excellent and on the ball throughout the meal in the busy buzzy comfortable dining room. The bar at the other side looked equally inviting.
After sampling a tasty seeded bun, picked the squid from a choice of four starters. The rings came in a nice thin batter and were accompanied by a sweet chilli dip and some lettuce leaves (nicely presented in a little paper cone).
Again there was a choice of four dishes for the main course. The salmon and spinach looked good at a nearby table but I went for the Angus steak. It was a fine piece served with onion rings, the sauce coming in a separate container (a sensible way of doing it).
There was some piped out tasteless texture-less mash on the plate and that was left there at the end. Then three little saucepans were placed on the table, one containing well cooked broccoli and green beans, another with some decent chips and the third, more potatoes, this type a gratin (with some hard overdone pieces). That made it three types of spud with one course! Hardly necessary and a record for me, I think.
Desserts chosen were New York Baked Cheese cake and a Citrus Tart. Both were okay but we’d have been better off to have taken the glass of wine instead. The offer is for three courses or two courses with wine but you are asked at the very start to nominate your dessert with the order.
We did have two glasses of wine, each costing €5.50. One was a South African Cabernet Shiraz, the other a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, both very pleasant and fit for purpose

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