Sometimes we take things for granted, even the good things. You’re down town and there is a festival of some sort going on. You pick up a sausage on a stick and absentmindedly enjoy it as you watch a street act and later you think “Hey, that sausage was nice!”

And if that is what you think, then the chances are that sausage came from O’Flynn’s Gourmet range. Thankfully, you don't have to wait for a festival to enjoy one of their sausages. At their permanent stand in the English market, they have a range of some 30 varieties to choose from, quite a few prize-winners among them.

And they are reasonably priced. I picked up six for a fiver yesterday including Spicy Mediterranean, Garlic and Herb and Leek. Very very tasty and they can be used in so many ways – traditional Irish ways and European style, say in couscous or paella.

You don't even have to be in Cork to enjoy them. You can order online and they'll deliver anywhere in Ireland! Check it out at http://www.oflynnsofcork.ie/