Sunday, September 15, 2013

Midleton Food Festival

Midleton Food Festival
Festival Faces
Midleton Food Festival
 Enjoyed my stroll in the sun down Midleton’s Main Street yesterday as once again the Anuual Midleton Food Festival drew a large crowd, and the sun! All the stalls are now on one side of the street and that makes it easier for the punters, especially those with push-chairs. But, in any case, no one is in a rush; it is all easy and relaxed.
Great to see some new stalls there too such as Bee Sensations, with their honey, as you might expect, but also with their unusual jams where honey is used instead of sugar. Why not try their Honeyed Raspberry Jam on your scones?  
Lebanese food
Other jars include Honeyed Fig Rhubarb and Chilli, Honeyed Plum and Ginger Jam and I’m really looking forward to trying the Honeyed Strawberry Champagne and Passionfruit Jam! Their Gourmet Honey Seville Orange and Ginger Marmalade, bought at their stall in the Doneraile Farmers Market, is already a favourite here. Yesterday, I got a sample of their Honeyed Potcheen Seville Marmalade; I think that should really wake me up of a slow morning!

It wasn't all about the new. Great to see Harrington Bakers of Youghal coming up with some old favourites on their stand, including a terrific Brack with lots of fruit. Sorry I bought the small one as that had more or less vanished by Saturday night, should have went for the large size. Must try their Tiger Loaf sometime.
TheTiger Loaf
There were at least three ice-cream stalls on the stretch and I’m sure they all enjoyed a good day. I certainly enjoyed my cone of Caramel and Fudge from Baldwin’s and indeed it was a delight to meet up and have a short chat with farmer Tom himself.
Made a few more calls as well but only had a couple of hours to spare there. Next year, I’ll just have to book lunch in one of the many good spots in the town and make a day of it. 
Checking the menu!

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