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Monday, November 16, 2015

Taste of the Week. Vienna Lager by Elbow Lane.

Taste of the Week
Elbow Lane Meeting House, Vienna Lager 5.4%, Bradley’s of North Main Street

Elbow Lane may have “breached” the German Beer Purity law here but when that extra ingredient is love, well it is easy to forgive! And this Vienna Lager, a collaborative effort with the famed Bradley’s of North Main Street, is a winner, copper in colour, rich in flavour, well balanced and with a pleasant smoothness all through. It is a seasonal offering, brewed for the festival on the horizon. You may need to move quickly to get your hands on some as it is a "very limited" edition.

Not only does the love come from Cork. Some freshly picked hop flowers from Elbow Lane's garden were added to the German Perle and Herzbrucker hops and the Munich and Vienna malt.

Three men are credited on the label: Michael Creedon of Bradley’s, Russell Garet the Elbow Lane brewer, and David Dempsey who came up with the name (after a lane near Bradley’s). I like the bottle too and its long neck. Now better head on down town and get some more of our Taste of the Week.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy New Beer! Mayfield’s Cotton Ball. Ireland’s Latest Micro Brewery

Happy New Beer!

Mayfield’s Cotton Ball. Ireland’s Latest Micro Brewery
Forward planning. Jack Lynch in the Cotton Ball Brewery.
Months of research and hard work paid off this week when Ireland’s newest craft beers began to flow at the Cotton Ball Brewery in Mayfield.  The Cotton Ball pub, under which the brewery is built, was the venue for an early tasting of Lynch’s Lager, called after the family that founded the pub back in 1874.

While touring the new facility yesterday with Jack Lynch, I was shown a number of barrels previously used by Jack Daniels (and to be used in the future for a Lynch special brew). At least one of the barrels, Number 59, is stamped with the name of the American distillery and the address is Lynchburg, Tennessee, and that is one of the places where Jack Lynch’s grandfather, Humphrey, worked while in the United States in the 19th century. And it is Jack's son, Humphrey, who is the Cotton Ball brewer.
A lot of lager here!
More beers are planned but, for now, there are just two, a Lynch Lager and a Lynch Stout, and these are exclusively available at the bar and at a very good price, I might add! My first venture was a pint of the lager. It is superb, full of great flavour and with a good cut in the finish. 
Christmas Stout

The Stout (left) is also excellent, flavour, smoothness and a long dry finish the striking characteristics. You get the hints of your old toffee bar in the aromas and on the palate and the flavours last, still a pleasure well after the swallow. Both beers are available on draught at the bar but you can expect to see them in bottles sometime in 2014.

Aside from the special, an Ale is planned for the New Year and should make an appearance as the Spring kicks in. And there are also plans to increase the food element at the Cotton Ball and indeed produce specially matched bites for the beers.

This barrell has quite an aroma, all the way from Lynchburg to Lynch's!
The brewery will be officially launched on January 25th (6.00pm to 9.00pm) when you may try the new pints, enjoy the music and the new food menu.

Just to go back to Humphrey and his working trip to America. One of the souvenirs he brought back was a full size Stars and Stripes with 39 stars on it. This is an oddity as there were never 39 states in the union. The legend in the photo says the flag manufacturers took a gamble thinking that the Dakotas would be admitted as one state but instead North and South Dakota simultaneously joined the union as two separate states, taking the numbers from 38 to 40.
The 39 star flag
The flag is displayed in one of the loveliest corners of the Mayfield pub, a corner that Jack says will now be called the Brewery Room and one that will contain quite a lot of Brewing memorabilia in the months ahead. 

Must say I am looking forward to visiting on a regularly basis to keep an eye on what Jack and his sons Eoin and Humphrey are bringing up from underneath. It is no great hardship to me. The walk is short and the beer is good. Happy New Beer!

The "Brewery" room, just one of many cosy sections in the Cotton Ball
Lynch’s Stout
Hand crafted from 5 malts and traditional flaked barley. Bittered moderately with American and New Zealand hops. Late kettle hopped with premium Kentish aroma hops beer. Warm matured on the same aromatic hops, after which the beer is cold matured on Jack Daniels impregnated American oak.
The result
A phenomenal marriage of coffee roast, caramel, lush, balanced by a clean bitterness exploding into a tangerine, mandarin aromatic delivery with the faintest hint of oak.

Lynch’s Lager
Pilsner lager made with 100% Cork malted barley ,is clean Bittered with Columbus and galena U.S.A grown hops. Late kettle addition of hallertãu perle and hersbruker, fermented with our rapidly settling yeast strain. With a proven record of making clean cut pilsner lagers portraying the individual hop aromas from New Zealand to Norway and the east and west of Europe.
The result
Another unchallengeable quality lager delivering, subtle aromatic hop flavour and aroma from a bed of light malt caramel flavour with a thirst cutting clean bitterness.

Cotton Ball details:
18 Old Youghal Road, Mayfield
Cork Ireland
Phone  (021) 450 3096
Mon - Thu: 10:30 am - 11:30 pm
Fri - Sat: 10:30 am - 12:30 am
Sun: 12:30 pm - 11:00 pm

What is  your favourite Christmas Beer Moment? Some opinions here.
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Tom Crean Dining Experience at Annie’s

Tom Crean Dining Experience at Annie’s

Saturday night, at 18.35, we sat down to enjoy the Tom Crean Fresh Lager multi-course dinner in Annie’s Gastro-Pub. Why 18.35? Annascaul man Crean took part in 3 of the 4 Antarctic Expeditions and during the Terra Nova Expedition he undertook a superhuman 18hr 35 mile solo trek to save the life of his two companions.
The meal was also quite a voyage of discovery but a very pleasant one indeed as the kitchen team at Annie’s   came up with a string of class dishes, all incorporating the excellent lager made by the Dingle Brewing Company. The crew out front also did a marvellous job with only a couple of minutes between efficiently and courteously delivering a course to first and last client in the packed venue. It was the second night of the event and Friday went very well also.
Crean’s can be described as a fresh, clean, refreshing golden lager with a slight sweet taste. The soft flavours, slightly sweet aftertaste and rich golden colour combine to give you a thoroughly enjoyable drinking experience. I’d be very happy to see it in my local. The brewers also boast that it goes well with food and that was well and truly confirmed in Annie’s.
Started off with a pint and then came the first dish: Pan fried fillet of Mackerel on Crean's Brown Bread. We were up and running with this brilliant tasty match. Then came the mussels and langoustines with smoked bacon and leeks in a Crean’s Broth. Creamy and delicious.
And the standard remained very high as the Risotto was served, Wild Mushroom and Roast Chestnut with a Cream Thyme Reduction. We were being spoilt now for sure.
For me, one of the best dishes of the evening followed: Crean’s Confit Roast Pork Belly, Parsnip Puree, Kale and Crean’s Jus.  This was a brilliant combination of textures and flavours.
And the inventive chefs weren’t finished yet. Up came another star plateful: Crean’s Braised Beef Cheek, Celeriac and Potato Rosti, Roast Beetroot and Chive Emulsion. So tender, so tasty.
Then we had the sweet finish, their take on Ile Flotante with Chilled Blueberry Anglaise and Crean’s Hazelnut Caramel. Sweet and cool. A class finish to a class meal. And still time for some music and another pint of that fresh lager!

The chefs at Annie's enjoy some well deserved lager.
From left - Mark Ahern, Chris Starr and Head Chef Micheál "Tiffin" Griffin