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Thursday, July 1, 2010

South County in Douglas (Cork)


Met a few friends at the South County in Douglas one night this week. I really liked this expanded bar. Big bars are sometimes like a big shed but good use has been of the space here which has been arranged into a series of nooks (some bigger than others) but all within easy reach of a counter.

Indeed, the friendly staff here are “pro-active”. I was on my way to the counter when an assistant met me, took the order and delivered it to the table. It was a little on the late side for the food but they do operate a cafe here, more than likely to the same high standards.

Impressed too with the toilets. These are clean and spacious and the walls are decorated with a series of “saucy postcard” type cartoons. I was having a laugh but the fellow next to me, obviously a regular, said he’d seen them all before and more than once!

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