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Saturday, September 19, 2009



I always found the Rochestown Park Hotel of a high standard when catering to large groups. I hadn’t been there for some time until recently for a club function where the attendance was around the 170 mark.

There has been a change of management at the venue but you need have no worries about its ability to cater to a large number (indeed, there were other large functions going on simultaneously in various parts of the building). Started with Vol au Vent and then soup. Each was of a good standard and neither had this salty taste that you often get in this type of situation.

The main course was beef or salmon. I had the beef. It was excellent as were the vegetables (broccoli, carrot, cauliflower – all cooked well, nether too hard nor too soft). Then we finished off with a medley of mini desserts and a grand cup of coffee.

Service was top class, helped along by the fact that they had an “overseer” on the floor, making sure that all the tables were well covered.

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Monday, December 10, 2007




Just when it seemed as if the local hotels were letting us down for Christmas, we find a winner at the Rochestown Park.

Group dining has been something of a problem in recent weeks but there was no problem at all in the Park this weekend when a group of 30 or so of us visited.

We were accommodated in “an old room” that wasn't in regular use but it was comfortable and quite suitable. The food was top class and certainly everyone at our table (there were two tables) cleared the plate.

If they offer you the Chicken Consommé there, take it, as it is excellent. They do a very good steak and all the vegetables and sauces were top class.

And then they came up with a pleasant surprise in the desserts. At long last, we got real "marshmallowy" Pavlova. That really topped it all.

Why can't other venues function as well when the Christmas rush comes on?
The Rochestown Park was extremely busy that evening and this was typified by the crowded bar where the centre of attraction was the Munster rugby game on the screens.

Just like Munster, the Hotel staff and management rose to the occasion and one has to say well done!