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Sunday, August 25, 2013

From the underground: Death Cap and Sparkling Wines

Day 9
From the underground: Death Cap and Sparkling Wines
A misty morning led to us going underground for this Sunday afternoon. The Death Cap was one of countless mushrooms seen in the underground Musée du Champignons in St Hilaire-St Florent, just outside Saumur, but the first call was to the premises of BouvetLadubay well known around the world for their quality sparkling wines.
Disgorgement machines, the more modern ones!
The visit began with a tour of the underground cellars- it seems virtually every winery hereabouts has conveniently cool cellars adapted from former tuffeau quarries. Temperatures are about 12 degrees, all the time, ideal for wine and mushrooms.
Underground art.
The méthode traditionnelle is used here and we were given examples of the old way of the famous “disgorgement”   and the more modern mechanical time-saving method. 
The tasting line-up
The cellars, in under a local hill, are extensive and impressive and we had glimpses of the lives of the quarry workers and saw how the caverns have been adapted to the wine makers’ use. Bouvet Ladubay, with 460 awards for their wines in the last forty years, is a big name in the world of sparkling wines.
Death Cap (in a glass case!)
We were looking forward to our tasting which was carried out above ground. We had four to taste in all, including an unusual red sparkler, and our favourite was the Decanter bronze medal winner Saphir Brut 2011, fruity and fresh with a nice acidity. A few bottles are on their way back to Ireland, maybe! Might have to return to Saumur for more.
Horse's Mane or Pom Pom growing
A few miles up the road, we came to the fascinating Mushroom Museum. Not just a museum as the underground caves are used to grown many varieties, including some that, thanks to Ballyhoura Mushrooms, we are familiar with. 
Pink Oysters growing. Get them from Ballyhoura Mushrooms at Farmers Markets
Enjoyed strolling through the various mushroom beds and reading the info. There is also a massive museum section there with information and representations, in 3B and photograph, of virtually every mushroom in the world.
More oysters growing, just a different colour
By the way, the sun did come out after lunch and it turned into quite a pleasant afternoon and evening, the only big cloud in the sky on our drive home from Saumur coming from the towers of the local nuclear station.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Market Magic

Market Magic
 Called to Mahon Point Farmer's Market yesterday and came away with this winning combination,thanks to face to face advice from the producers. Ballyhoura Mushrooms were the source for the Shiitake and the Chanterelles while the Chorizo came from Woodside Farm. Tomorrow is a great day for markets so keep your eyes open at Douglas, Midleton and the Coal Quay. Never know what you'll find.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mushrooms light up Mahon Market

Mushrooms light up Mahon Market

Lucy and Mark of Ballyhoura Mushrooms brought a colourful crop to Mahon Point Farmers Market today. The Rose and Gold Oysters (originally from South East Asia) certainly caught the eye. But so too did the Pom Poms and even the less colourful Chesnut. No stopping these two, always coming up with surprises. Ballyhoura also have stalls in Midleton and Douglas (both Saturday markets).

Pom Poms on top.
Then a mix of Rose and Gold (Lemon) Oysters.
Chesnut mushrooms are bottom left.
At the bottom right, you have the front and back
views of the Rose oyster mushroom.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Brilliant New Mushroom Product

Brilliant New Mushroom Product

Do yourself a favour this weekend. Go to the markets (Mahon, Midleton or Douglas) and buy a jar of Marinated Irish Oyster Mushrooms from the Ballyhoura Mountain Mushroom stall. Buy it for the house or, if you are a chef, buy it for the restaurant.

Bought a jar a few weeks back and just opened it for lunch. They told me it would last for three days in the fridge after opening. Not around here. It is gone. They are absolutely gorgeous, a lovely well balanced product that Ballyhoura should be proud of.

I didn’t go to too much trouble, just a few leaves and some homemade brown bread. But I’m sure a good chef could work wonders with these. Beside, Mark or Lucey of Ballyhoura will give you plenty of tips as well.

You’ll get a big jar for a fiver. They are well worth it. But don’t just take my word for it. Get out to your local market. I’ll be first in the queue at Mahon tomorrow.

Marinated Iirsh Oyster Mushrooms.

Ongredients: Oysters, extra virgin olive oil, Ballyhoura Apple Cider vinegar, organic garlic, organic chilli, organic herbs (sage, rosemary, thyme).