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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cook Like A Man

Cook Like A Man
The ultimate cookbook for the modern gentleman 
This Movember, the men’s health movement, launches its first official cookbook - ‘Cook Like A Man’ - to encourage Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to eat well, enjoy the time honoured tradition of good feasting with friends and family and transform themselves from bewildered cooks into fearless gourmands. 
The launch of ‘Cook Like A Man’ follows the success of Movember’s three previous limited edition books, self-published by Movember and distributed to the Movember community in an effort to bring them together to forage and feast. The cookbook offers a host of Mo-friendly recipes from serious salads and soups to meat, fish and poultry dishes that pack a punch.  It also features tips and tricks from Irish Mo Bro Chefs, gleaned from their years of knowledge and exploration.
Offering a range of expertise from stocking a Gentleman’s Pantry to Gastronomic Trailblazing, the book hosts Mo Bro chefs from across Ireland as well as a few moustachioed brethren from the UK, Spain and Finland. Chefs from The Fumbally Cafe, Damson Diner, Ukiyo and The Brook Lodge are but a few of the gentleman who have lent their talent and time to help educate and share the secrets to good eating.
Drawing inspiration from around the world, the recipes represent a true mix of individual Mo Bro Chef’s tastes and family traditions with dishes that range from a simple Man Jam and Davis Family Ribs to the adventurous Chanterelle- Filled Reindeer Fillet and Som Tam Green Papaya Salad.  As Mo Bro Chefs, these guys know that the most important part of cooking up a feast is to bring family, friends, food and conversation around a table and so with the release of ‘Cook Like A Man’ they hope to inspire Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to gather a crowd and cook up a storm.
JC, Co-founder of Movember says: ‘The launch of the first-ever cookbook for Movember has been a crazy, fun ride into the hearts, minds and kitchens of our Mo Crew and it’s been absolutely humbling to see the passion and commitment from all the Chefs involved who have donated their time and upper lips to raise awareness and funds for men’s health.”

“Cook Like a Man” will be in store from October 24th.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Beef 'n Turf. Mo Bros Cook Up A Storm!


In 2010 Movember challenged Mo Bros around the country to have confidence in the kitchen, take pride in the meals they prepared and to ‘Cook like a Man’. In 2011 they ventured to the countryside and showed Mo Bros how to hunt, forage and fish for their supper with ‘Cook From The Land’. This year, Mo Bro chefs share their wisdom and knowledge with ‘Bring It On Home’- a new cookbook that encourages their fellow Mo Bros & Mo Sistas to celebrate Movember and host a dinner party during the month of Movember.

With a range of established expertise, the book hosts chefs from across the country who share their skills, tips and favourite dinner menus with their fellow moustachioed brethren and inspire them to host their own Mo inspired dinner parties. With delicious recipes the cookbook teaches men ‘if it’s worth doing – it’s worth doing right’ and to cook amazing meals with dishes that are tailored to help make hosting a dinner party simple – so more time can be spent around the table celebrating Movember and having fun.

Chefs from Diep Le Shaker, Ukiyo, Brooklodge, The Damson Diner and The Fumbally are just some of the many Mo Bro chefs who have shared their knowledge with mouth-watering recipes in ‘Bring It On Home’. Make your dinner party memorable with a beef bourgignon, BBQ prawns with piri piri, herb crusted john dory and a simple cheese fondue  and know that your guests will be blown away with your cooking prowess.

Not alone have we got the pretty pictures for you. We've also got the recipes right here

Movember, the month formerly known as November, is when brave and selfless men around the world grow a moustache, with the support of the women in their lives, to raise awareness and funds for men’s health - specifically prostate and testicular cancer. Donate at