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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hondarribia. Old and beautiful Basque town.

Crossing to Spain, while another ferry returns
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Local cider

Smoked salmon salad


Day 4
May 29th, Tuesday

Went to Spain today for the price of a Cork bus ride. Made the short boat crossing from Hendaye on the French side of the River Bidasoa to Hondarribia on the Spanish for just €1.70.

The trip takes just a few minutes and soon we were strolling in the picturesque Spanish town, full of old buildings and narrow streets where the balconies almost meet and also saw a magnificent Parador (government hotel). Temperatures were up around the 25 degrees.

Then it was time for lunch and we found amazing value at the EAJ PNV restaurant which seemed to have a very busy trade indeed. Had brought a handy “gastronomic” dictionary for a fiver on board the Pont Aven (bought a similar French one a few years back).

The Spanish one really worked a treat at its first outing as we worked our way through the Menu del Dias which had six or seven choices for each of the first and second courses. I had the Macaroni cheese and tomato while CL enjoyed the Smoked Salmon salad. Both excellent.

Now for the second course. CL choose the Tongue with salsa (more or less a tomato sauce). Two succulent tender pieces of tongue were soon demolished. I gambled on the Bacalao (dried salted cod) with a brilliant pepper and onion sauce. They say it is an acquired taste. I have acquired it!

We were not too sure on the desserts as they weren't on the board and, with words failing us, we ordered something that turned out to be a decent piece of ice-cream. Flan and a Fruit salads were other options that we later discovered by looking around.

A big bottle of water was placed on the table at the start. We didn’t know it but this was standard and free. We also ordered cider and ended up with a 75cl bottle of a local natural brew that was nice and dry and a real thirst quencher for just one euro. Total bill came to €22.00. Decent food, amazing value, very nice people.

Did another bit of walking around and saw the school kids playing. In one yard, they had their roller skates on and were playing a lively game. No worries about public liability or claims here by the looks of it.

Then we made the return journey to Hendaye (enlived by a possible sighting of ZZ Top among the passengers) and, when we arrived back at the apartment, wasted little time in cooling down in the pool. Car hasn’t moved since we arrived on Sunday. Might change tomorrow afternoon. We will visit the local market tomorrow morning and see how it goes.