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Thursday, December 9, 2010



This morning’s leaflet drop was more interesting than usual; three in all, two food and one wine. Targeted advertising?

Really interested in the Mabel Crawford’s, Cork’s newest restaurant. This is in the Vienna Woods Hotel, where I once worked but such a long long time ago.

This new bistro, at least the room, could well have been there then as it is in a newly discovered room in the old part of the Glanmire Hotel.

An extensive menu covered the back part of the flier. About 14 starters, ranging from €4.50 (soup) to €9.50 (duck confit, haricot beans and beetroot chips).
Just as many main courses. The prices here range from €14.95 (Home made Angus Burger) to €27.95 (Angus fillet steak). There are about eight desserts, priced between six and seven euro.
Must call down sometime.

The other food leaflet was from Eastern Tandoori in Emmet Place, highlighting some current offers including an Early Bird for €15.95. Later, if you spend €35.00, you can get two bottles of Indian lager free. There are a whole lot of dishes here, including some Tandoori which I do like.

Fine Wines from Blackpool were also included in the drop and they say they have 16 new wines just in, all at half-price which is just €3.99. Other cuts have Petit Chablis down from €10.99 to €7.99, Macon Lugny down by the same with St Emilion chopped by a fiver and now costing €11.99.

They also do beers and spirits. Haven’t been there before. Have you?