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Thursday, March 31, 2011



Have you ever been trained to a computer application by a tech wizard about ten years younger than you, his impatient digits hopping form one key to another, guiding you from one screen to another, at a blinding speed?

You say to yourself: What did he do there? And, the first time, you ask him? Then you see he doesn't slow down one little iota and you realise it is a waste of time asking.

Some wine professionals can be a bit like that, expecting you to pick up everything in one gushing rush of the trade argot and then totally surprised when you walk away without making a purchase.

People in the wine trade take it for granted, but lots of consumers find it difficult to choose a wine. The Corkscrew crew are using a novel concept to make that choice easier, by removing it altogether! 

With their Mystery Case concept you pay €150 for €180 worth of "mystery" wine, delivered free to your door.

It may seem a little strange buying wine before you know what it is but Chris Gifford sees it differently, "Our customers trust our recommendations so this is just an extension of that, perhaps with a little extra intrigue. It's also a great excuse to try some gorgeous wines you may never have considered before".

The mystery case offer will last for only 5 days if stocks last that long as it's already proving popular with customers. So buy your wine the easy way and get a decent discount at the same time.