Time Now For Blasket Islands Lamb. At Market Lane, ORSO, Castle Cafe and Elbow Lane.

Keep Going Cork. Competition! CLOSED!!!!

It’s Blasket Lamb Time at Market Lane Group.

Catalan Take-over at the Castle Cafe. Chef Sessions Number Four!

The Meadows of Hive Mind. Bees’ Paradise in Myrtleville.

The Chef Sessions. Bone marrow, lambs hearts, cauliflower stalks, tripe, pigs tail, pig skin pasta, and more.

Blasket Lamb Buzz at Market Lane. Also at ORSO, Castle Cafe and Elbow Lane

Blasket Island Lamb Arrives at Market Lane Restaurants

Stellar Food and Crew at the Castle Cafe

Elbow Lane Brew & Smoke House. Best of goods in small parcels.