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Tasty barbecue offerings available at The English Market

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Tasty barbecue offerings available at The English Market 

With summer finally heating up, the traders at the English Market have been busy preparing and curating the best of local offerings for a sizzling summer feast. 

Below are a selection of traders offering a variety of options to suit all tastes this barbecue season. 

On The Pigs Back

Doing what they do best, On The Pig’s Back has a selection of

Farmhouses cheeses from Cork and all over Ireland, as well as charcuterie cured meat, and salamis, cooked ham and spiced beef in addition to its award-winning homemade pâtés and terrines. With a range of freshly cut cheese and charcuterie for antipasti boards for smaller groups or platters for larger groups, all containing a range of delicious pre-sliced meats, pates, cheeses, fruit, dips and crackers, this is guaranteed to bring your BBQ party to the next level. 

Visit to view the full range of options available for delivery nationwide. 

Terra Ignis

Terra Ignis has the perfect BBQ trio to fire up your tastebuds this summer. Their Worcestershire sauce is made with their own wildcrafted made vinegar, sapphire and spices, while their Oak Bark Fermented Ketchup is fermented with wild flowers of Ireland and infused with charred oak bark - both are vegan, gluten free and allergen free. Their popular Formented Hot Sause is lacto fermented with only 4 ingredients: chillis, garlic, olive oil and salt, and makes for the perfect dip. 

Visit to view the full range of fermented products with options for delivery. 

My Goodness Cafe

Calling all vegans! My Goodness at The English Market has tasty offerings for a vegan barbecue. Its Kimchi Ketchup and Oakey Smokey Tex Mex Chipotle Salsa make for the perfect dips, both made with Cork-grown smoked daikon radishes and chillies, and blended into the perfect BBQ condiments. They're both tangy, slightly sweet, and just spicy enough to keep things exciting. To quench the summer third, try their Cucumber lemon, lime, and mint kefir, or their Apple Ginger Kombucha - light, fizzy, and essential to keep you hydrated, and aid in digestion of rich summer BBQ foods.

Visit for more information or to order online

O’Mahonys Butchers

For something a little different, O’Mahony Butchers has a selection of tasty and exotic barbecue meats guaranteed to spark up your appetite. Being the only butcher in the English Market with a Dry Ager, porterhouse, tomahawk, sirloin and rib eye steaks can be aged for up to 60 days. For pure BBQ burger lovers, O’Mahony’s has a selection of burger specials, including its beamish and bandon vale beef burgers, free range pork with cashel blue and pear and dry aged rib cap burgers - there is something for everyone. 

To order or for more information, visit

O’Sullivan’s Poultry and Game

Chicken lovers can look no further than O’Sullivans - from spatch cock marinated chicken, to skewers wings and burgers made in store, there is a wide selection of produce available. Whether you prefer hot and spicy, cajun or just a plain jane, there is something for everyone. If you are lucky, you can even find kangaroo skewers from time to time.

Tom Durcan Meats

A stalwart in Cork City providing the highest quality product sourced from across Ireland, Tom Durcans specializes in sourcing and selling the finest quality local meats from dry aged Irish beef, succulent Irish spring lamb, locally produced fresh Irish pork and the freshest homemade specialty sausages - all perfect options for your summer BBQ feast.

To order online for for more information, visit


Hederman’s smoke house produces delicious hot smoked salmon, which come with all the characteristics of barbecued food. The sides are smoked over hot embers, and then held in a smoke-filled kiln for wonderful flavour. Although they are ready to eat, the smoky flavours can be enhanced by placing in foil on the barbecue to re-heat. For those who don’t mind bones, whole mackerel works this way too - the connoisseur's choice and incredibly succulent. Or, you can choose the very practical fillets of mackerel, topped with a choice of herbs and spices. Hederman’s also produces an array of homemade pâtés and salads for grazing ahead of your summer feast.

Check out for more information.

Tom Bradley Bacon & Pork

Tom Bradley’s has a wide barbecue range to kick off your summer sizzlers. Try their popular BBQ Chilli & Coriander marinated baby back ribs and pork chops, made by taking fresh pork ribs and loins sourced in West Cork and blending a range of BBQ and spices to make its own unique tasty marinade. If these don’t already get your mouth watering, the ribs and chops can also come unflavoured for any plain eaters, or for those who prefer to use their own marinades. 

Pie Guys

Isn’t everything better when encased in all-butter puff pastry? The Pie Guys has launched a barbecue pulled-pork pie, made with slow-based caherbeg free-range pork and delicious BBQ sauce. For picnics and extra spreads on your outdoor table, all other Pie Guys favourites are also available, including the award-winning beef and beamish, butter chicken, sweet potato mushroom and smoked cheese pies. 

To order online or to learn more, visit

O Flynn’s Gourmet Sausage Company

Throughout the summer, O’Flynn’s Gourmet Sausage Company has its full range available in its English Market stall, with some new exciting flavours launching just in time for barbecue season, such as a smoked pork sausage and more. Their much-loved Gourmet Pork & Beef Burgers and Meatballs will be a main stay this summer with Turkey Italian Burgers and Meatballs also available - all perfect for a family BBQ feast. 

Visit to learn more. 

The Chocolate Shop 

Chocolate isn’t just for dessert! Elevate your barbecue cooking with chocolate from The Chocolate Shop. Melt some of its rich dark chocolate into barbecue sauces to add a deep, complex flavour that pairs perfectly with ribs or beef. Not only can their milk chocolate be used for a sweeter glaze on grilled chicken or pork, it can also be incorporated into rubs for meats, offering a subtle richness that enhances the natural flavours of the barbecue. For a healthier dessert option, sprinkle some chocolate over grilled fruits such as pineapple or peaches for a caramelised, decadent finish. The Chocolate Shop also offers a variety of ready-made sharing options such as assortments of bars, chocolate-covered nuts and fruits, or curated gift boxes - great for gatherings as they offer a little something for everyone to enjoy.

To learn more or to order online, visit 

As always, the English Market is the home of quality Irish food, and this is just a small selection of stalls in the market with many more there to cater for all of your summer barbecue needs under one roof. From lean, flavoured meats to a variety of fresh fish and seafood, cakes, treats, sauces, flowers and more, all of the traders at the English Market are here to help create memorable summer feasts this summer.

The English Market is open 8am-6pm, Monday to Saturday (closed on Sundays & Bank Holidays). For more information and to keep up to date with the latest news, visit The English Market social media pages on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or visit

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