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Try it with Florentine Steak, rare of course. Poggiotondo Terre di Cresci Chianti Classico (DOCG) 2021

Poggiotondo Terre di Cresci Chianti Classico (DOCG) 2021, 14.5% ABV

RRP €30.95. Stockists: Blackrock Cellar,

Try it with Florentine Steak, rare of course

Our latest Chianti Classico has a vibrant garnet colour. Black cherries and plums, floral notes and spice may also be detected in the aromatics. Spice and fruit on the palate are matched by the lively acidity as the elegant delightful

full-bodied wine heads to a persistent finish.

Another gem from the heart of Tuscany and Very Highly Recommended. It is a great wine at the table and will pair well with a wide range, such as roasted meats, grilled vegetables, and aged cheeses. 

If lucky enough to be in Tuscany, then be sure and try it with Florentine Steak, rare of course (some restaurants here prohibit well-done!).  Thanks to its acidity, dishes with tomato sauce will be “no problemo” to your Poggiotondo Classico. Enjoy.

One of my rare nights in Florence

It is an excellent example of the quality of Chianti Classico wines. It is also authentic. How do we know this?  You’ll notice that it is designated DOCG as are all our Classico selections to date. DOCG is top of the wine pyramid in Italy, followed closely by DOC and then IGT, all above the base Table Wine. Chianti Classico DOCG wines can be traced from the vineyard to the bottle, given that their entire production process is monitored and recorded.

Thanks to the distinctive Government Seal that uniquely identifies each bottle, with a simple click of your mouse it will be possible to discover the specific characteristics and origin of each Gallo Nero wine.

I checked the seal on this one at 

and soon had it confirmed as the real thing, confirming the producer and the certification that it is indeed what it says it is. 

Another quality indicator is the Gallo Nero stamp. The black cockerel seal on this was first used In 1924 when 33 vineyard owners combined to form the original consorzio for the defence of Chianti.

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