Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Taste of the Week. Tuna Poké Bowl by Maki Sushi.

Tuna Poké Bowl

Taste of the Week. 

Tuna Poké Bowl by Maki Sushi

Back to the English Market for this Taste of the Week, an amazing Tuna Poké Bowl by Maki Sushi. Full title is Ahi Tuna Bowl and it consists of Fresh Tuna, Mango, Avocado Wakame, Edamame and

House Poké Dressing on a base of cold sushi rice (cold as we were taking it home). 

The other Fish Bowls are California (Crab), Atlantic Salmon and Spicy Prawn. There is also a Tofu Bowl and a Chicken Teriyaki. In addition, you can also build your own bowl - just choose what you want at each stage (warm rice or cold sushi rice as base, your garnish, your sauce, etc)  and let your server know. All bowls come in two sizes.

Poké (pronounced po-kay) is a Hawaiian inspired food and the name translates to diced fish. It originated on the fishing boats in Hawaii where local fisherman sliced up their daily catch and served it on the boats with a bowl of rice.

See more on the Maki Sushi site here and enjoy!

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