Thursday, June 13, 2024

Old Brennans Wine House. A New Wine Gem Emerges on Oliver Plunkett Street

Time to open up!
A New Wine Gem Emerges on Oliver Plunkett Street

Chapeau to Frank Schiltkamp (the city's self-proclaimed football-loving "Dutchie in the City") and Benny McCabe (serial entrepreneur behind Cork's beloved Heritage pubs) who have transformed Brennan's Cookware shop into

a full-fledged wine haven!

Step Inside a World of Wine

Shiny new timber welcomes you into Old Brennans Wine House, beckoning you to explore its two floors. Take a peek at the art gallery upstairs, then head downstairs to the main event: the inviting wine bar. Sink into a comfy chair and browse the extensive selection – a global tour from Old Europe to the New World.

A Feast for Wine Lovers (and Social Media)

The only thing missing? That wine list online! We all crave a pre-visit peek, so hopefully, they'll soon post it on social media. In the meantime, their knowledgeable servers are happy to guide you.

Our Wine & Nibble Adventure

We embarked on our own vino voyage, settling on two European delights. First, a sip of Robert Brunet's Gamay, a Beaujolais beauty from organically farmed vines. Second, the Barbera Ghercina from Piedmont – intense, juicy, and oh-so-satisfying.

Perfectly Paired Nibbles

No wine adventure is complete without food! Old Brennans offers a selection of nibbles, small plates, and sharing boards. We opted for a board featuring Martelli Milan Salame, Bresaola, and San Michel Parma Ham, accompanied by red onion relish, pickles, and crusty sourdough.

Beyond the Grape

While wine takes centre stage, there's more to explore. They offer other beverages, including Killahora's innovative perry, and even a shot of vodka might pair well with those tempting banderillas (pickled vegetable skewers) though I think that the Basque wine Txakoli would be just perfect.

A Work in Progress Worth Watching

Old Brennans Wine House, barely two weeks "old", is still finding its feet, and we can't wait to see how it evolves! Keep an eye on their Instagram for updates (we certainly will!). So, raise a glass and toast the arrival of this exciting new venue – Cork's wine lovers have a new reason to celebrate!

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