Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Taste of the Week. From Malay Kitchen

Taste of the Week. 

From Malay Kitchen

A few weeks back, I bought a "kit" from the ladies behind the Malay Kitchen whose main outlet is in Kinsale and who also have one in Cork at the junction of South Main St and Liberty Street. That kit provides our Taste of the Week, and not just one taste!

The kit contains enough to feed four people twice. There are two types of curry paste in it: the delicious Thai Massaman and the rich, fragrant and mildly spicy Rendang. Add your choice of meat or tofu plus the supplied Coconut milk, and rice of course, and you're on your way to a very satisfying meal indeed, something that bit different. And with the Malay Kitchen kit, you're getting the real deal, original Malay & Southeast Asian flavours! The kit also includes a Sambal, a bright and spicy sauce. Use this sparingly as it is HOT!


If you can't find the kit, be sure and visit their bases in Kinsale at Short Quay and in the city at 5 Paradise Place, South Main Street. More at Malay Kitchen.

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