Taste of the Week. Cherries from The Apple Farm

Taste of the Week

Cherries from The Apple Farm

The juicy and delicious cherries grown on Con Traas’s Apple Farm are simply superb! It's been four years since I featured these beauties as Taste of the Week.

Easy to appreciate these juicy fruits. But not easy to grow. If that were the case, you’d find them in every farmers market. When grown in Ireland, cherries need protection for a number of reasons, and typically most growers use some form of simple tunnel to grow them in. 

Thanks to Con and his team for making the extra effort. Put these cherries on your list if you’re anywhere near the Apple Farm, just a few minutes off the M8 on the N24 (Cahir-Clonmel Road)! Lots of other fruit available too, in season.

We bought a few boxes during a recent visit and, of course, the first thing to do is to eat a few simply as they are. Step it up a bit by making the classic French dessert flan called Clafoutis.

This time, I "discovered" another delicious way. As the Clafoutis was being prepared, I remembered I had a bottle of Rutherford Muscat produced by the Pfeiffers of Rutherford Glen in Australia. The Glen is rightly famous for its dessert wine and you'd be hard pushed to find a better wine to go with the Tipperary cherries!

As I write this, I'm finishing off the final cherries - the Clafoutis long gone. The wine from Oz is also almost gone. So I enjoy  the last few sips with raw cherries. Cheers and cherrio!